Ella Baché Wollongong

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Our Therapists


Emma Macfarlane

Emma is a local girl and comes to our salon with a fresh happy persona ready to help you relax and be pampered! Emma studied locally and came first in her TAFE education for beauty therapy.

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Jodi Anderson

Jodi studied at Ella Bache College in 2012. Let her take you on the Ella Bache journey with her great pampering hands!

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Kasey Henman

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Laura Adamson

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Michelle Cato

Michelle is our salon owner and has been a beauty therapist since 2002, when she studied with Ella Bache College. Her expertise in brow shaping, skin treatments and makeup are second to none. Michelle is currently on Maternity leave.

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Sophie Jones

Sophie is one of Ella Bache Wollongong's managers and will not only deliver an outstanding treatment, her all rounded service always comes with a smile!

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